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NLengineers is the Dutch association of consulting engineers (‘NLingenieurs’ in Dutch). Our core business is providing knowledge-based services. NLengineers focuses on the organisation and management of the built-up and natural environment and offers added value across the entire value chain.

The members of NLengineers range from small agencies to enterprises operating worldwide. All have a reputation of providing objective, high-quality advice. NLengineers membership is a useful indicator for awarding authorities when looking for an agency with sound and specific professional knowledge.

Many of NLengineers’ members are active in projects abroad. Click here for more information on these international projects.

Core values NLengineers sets out to:

  • protect the interests of the sector
  • safeguard the quality and integrity of its members
  • offer exclusive representation
  • offer a network for professionals


In cooperation with its members, NLengineers promotes:

  • the status and profile of consulting engineers
  • the branch’s business environment
  • market-oriented action and the branch’s competitiveness
  • the application of knowledge-intensive techniques for the benefit of society


NLengineers aims to reach these goals through:

  • Effective communication on the importance and added value of consulting engineers
  • Quality systems and codes of conduct
  • Strong representation in platforms and networks
  • Active consultation with its members’ major clients
  • Promoting:
    • a level playing field
    • the export position of the consulting engineers
    • quality based selection (QBS)
    • the competitiveness of the industry within the labour market
  • Influencing (European) legislation
  • Effective co-operation with other (branch) associations
  • Promoting innovation through knowledge-management and ICT
  • Promoting strategy development and market monitoring
  • The provision of services to members
  • A high coverage of firms that meet the NLengineers criteria
  • Well-balanced support for both large and small firms
  • Operating through specialist departments

Our members have all agreed to comply to a Code of Conduct. Click here to download the English translation of the Code.

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