DGMR is an independent Dutch consultancy agency (SME) with applied physics as its work field. DGMR delivers high quality services and products to improve the living and working environment. Health, safety and sustainability are the themes on which DGMR consults. DGMR has three subsidiaries: DGMR Industrie, Verkeer en Milieu BV, focussed on technical and policy advice on environmental aspects regarding infrastructure and industry; DGMR Software BV that develops and sells technical software and DGMR Bouw BV focussed on specialist advice for the construction industry. DGMR has offices in the Netherlands in the cities Arnhem, The Hague and Drachten. In the Netherlands DGMR Bouw BV is an authority on the areas of urban development, energy & sustainability, building physics and acoustics, fire safety, security, façade technique, vibration technique and the environmental effects of our outdoor environment. As a consultant on construction DGMR is involved with public buildings, such as retail, education, health care, hotels, museums, cinemas, theatres, stations and stadiums, but also residential buildings, offices and of these two functions combined. This involves new housing development, but also renovations, rezoning and restorations. We are not the consultant that just answers the question, we come up with solutions that can be integrated in the constructional or technical design. Our enthusiastic team consists of staff members with various technical backgrounds. About 170 experts who aim to be the best in their field. Their specialist knowledge does not only help clients; they share that knowledge in networks and at colleges and universities.