From the first sketch to the first film in 14 months: ABT, DP6 and CineMec achieved this in Nijmegen. Through intelligent working with BIM, they built a brand new multitainment complex extremely quickly and on a limited budget. The Nijmegen CineMec, with gross floor area of 12,9607 m2, is located at a highly visible location on Mauritssingel. With a location in the bend of the River Waal between Nijmegen and Arnhem, the cinema borders the new recreation pond. CineMec has been built on a circular foundation sheet that ensures that the impact on the archaeological monument underground is kept to a minimum. The roof over the space between has been cut into and folded along a number of lines. The intervening spaces created as a result provide daylight deep into the building. The building functions primarily as a cinema, but it is also a venue – just as with the CineMec predecessor in Ede – for symposia, e-learning activities and 'multimedia events', such as concerts and theatrical productions. The largest hall will have 780 seats and offers space for congresses as well. There will also be a separate floor space for trade fairs.