Fully set up and visualised in BIM and now perfectly usable for the management and maintenance of the building One of the aspects of Building Information Modeling, is that right from the beginning of a construction project, starting in the design phase, all construction and technical information is collected for the full life cycle of a building. It is EGM’s ambition to have an 'as built' model upon completion. In this model all relevant parts of the building including the delivery specifications can be found. For example: a window breaks in the elevator corridor on the 4th floor and a new window needs to be ordered. The model provides all the exact specifications of that window, for instance 30 minutes fire proof and fall protected.   For determination of the cost of maintenance, the model contains useful information regarding the number of square feet of wall surfacing and windows to be cleaned. The model also includes an inventory of all interior elements, This information is provided on room level. A fully completed model also provides opportunities for management and maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations. This makes BIM an essential tool for efficient facility management of the building.