The EnTranCe is a trial garden where education, science and business do research in the field of new energy systems. The complex consists of three buildings where the previously mentioned functions are fulfilled. By the shed with a glass overlay, the two outer components are connected together. Within this project, a number of seismic measures have been taken which affect the reduction of the ductile behavior of the building. The number of stability links has been reduced and various wind connections are shortened. As a result the tie rods have been replaced by tube profiles to take on increasing forces in the connection. At the base of these stability links, the foundation structure is reinforced and provided with additional foundation piles. In addition, all the floors are provided with a reinforced pressure layer to ensure the disk action due to horizontal loads. In addition, extra connections were made between the steel structure and the concrete floor to ensure the connection and the load bearing. Also, the roof rails of the roofing are slidable mounted on the main building, so the buildings do not adversely affect one another. Finally, heavier windings and steel elements are used for the disc action in the roof.